My name is Carmit. I am passionate about colors, nature and all forms of art and creativity. Cinabu is my creative outlet.

I have always been crafting, creating and inventing: playing with a variety of materials, enjoying the discovery process of new textures and techniques. I use my art as a tool for creating and changing the spirit and tone of the environment.

When I was in high school Ofir, my talented brother, became my brother-in-arts. He had just started his experiments with oils and brought me a set of colors with a note that simply said: “see for yourself.” His passion sparked my interest and I began playing with oils and created my first oil paintings. Ever since I prefer oils on any material, and am still in love with the amazing feeling it gives me when I mix those colors and use them to create new impressions.

I take time on each painting, adding multiple layers in a slow and thoughtful process. My paintings’ themes reflect personal experiences and my long affair with the sea as a sailor and a beachcomber. Through my art I try to convey the impressions of my memories from my journeys around the globe and to bring that magic to everyday life.

My paintings are not affected by trends, but serve as my visual logbook and personal, intimate language.

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